CEO Message

CEO Message


With a vision to create a better tomorrow for our clients’ businesses and establish a place where high standards are always driving our performance, G-Tree Consulting Group LLC. has come to life.

As we have our eyes set on the future, we are working at present to achieve our 2030 long-term management vision by building a strong team with the capacity of achieving sustainable growth under any circumstances. We have set our profitability strategy on the main principle of “achieving consistent profit - ability that is ensured by operational excellence and the provision of the right value for our clients” as one of our key goals, focusing on the strategies we pursue to achieve our main vision.

G-Tree Consulting Group LLC. is currently undergoing some major structural changes to cope with a world of rapid global advancement in digital innovation. Rather than shying away from change, we are determined to become a game-changer. Our focus is on creating long-lasting initiatives that will induce change for 10 and 20 years into the future.

We have a diversified services and products portfolio that covers multiple industry sectors which enables us to furnish our services to a broad client base. We have partnered with leading global players in our field of business and are open to further strategic alliances that will ensure growth and success for our clients and our Group.

With an open innovation approach, we are constantly researching new tactics to continue providing our products and services with superior quality. With this in mind, we have established a dedicated office for innovation in France to guide our efforts. We are also collaborating with leading companies in our field of benchmarking work in the European market while ensuring that best practices and success models are delivered to suit our business in the Middle East and Africa. I am personally committed to following these initiatives to increase our innovation and creativity levels, as well as raise quality standards in our business.

At G-Tree, our dominant philosophy is placing our clients at the heart of everything we do, which inspires a client-centric approach in the way we do business. Our awareness of our corporate social responsibility is also a strong driving force behind our moves, where we consider our social contribution through capital markets to support both developing and non-profit sectors as an indispensable necessity.

Together with our clients and society, we take the journey to excellence, paving the way for continuous advancement and innovation to take hold of our future steps and achieve a better tomorrow for everyone.


Ali Atef

President and Group CEO


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